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The 11 Coolest Wheelchairs In The World

Being in a wheelchair has to be one of the worst things a person has to deal with. And we salute anyone who’s in that situation. We also want to salute those who’ve taken their handicap and turned it into a badass mode of transportation.

Here are our favorite 11.

1. The Tank Chair
You might think driving a Porsche is a great way to pick up girls. But, I’m pretty sure crushing a Porsche as you drive over it with your Tank Chair is an even better way to pick up girls. (Am I right, ladies?)

2. The Flame-Throwing Wheelchair
Stairs and inclines used to be the biggest problem for people in wheelchairs. But when your chair can hit 20 mph and shoot flames 15 feet into the air, it seems little things like “problems” would become a thing of the past.

3. The Batchair
How much better would The Dark Knight have been if Batman managed to save the day using this wheelchair instead of all his fancy gadgets. (The answer: A LOT better.)

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