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The 10 Sexiest Football Movie Babes

Being a football player is a rough life. You’ve got a super mean coach who’s always screaming at you, you’re constantly in pain which always leads to a prescription drug problem and you have to constantly shower with a bunch of dudes. That’s why they all deserve really hot girlfriends and cheerleaders to comfort them with their hotness after long days work.

Except for the punters. Punters can be fat, they never get hit hard and when something bad happens, it’s usually not their fault. That’s okay, because they’re ugly and they don’t get hot chicks, so it usually levels out at the end of the day.

#10 Kristy Swanson (The Program) – Being the girlfriend of a college quarterback is never an easy job.

He’s always too distracted with the pressures of being the quarterback of a big time college program to love you the way you deserve to be loved. It’s one of the most tragic sides of the world of college football.

#9 Courteney Cox (The Longest Yard) – It was the role of a lifetime for Courteney’s newfound cleavage and they certainly delivered a captivating performance. Even though she was only in the movie for about five minutes, it will go down as the greatest cleavage performance in football movie history.

#8 Cameron Diaz (Any Given Sunday) – Cameron played the feisty owner of the Miami Sharks and she did a very good job at looking hot and being angry all the time. And we like Cameron when she’s angry.

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