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The 10 Hottest Female Politicians Of All Time

Sarah Palin changed the world of American politics last week in many ways. The most important aspect was the realization that now even our politicians can be really hot. It was pretty much the only part of American civilization left that wasn’t dominated by really hot people and that now appears to be over. The hotties are taking over the world, and there’s nothing any of the moderately attractive people can do about it. The good news is that they’re not that bright and they’re not that good at sex because they don’t have to be, so it won’t be long before they hand control of the world back to us.

#10 Yulia Tymoshenko – Before she became Ukraine’s prime minister, she was a businesswoman and one of the wealthiest people in Ukraine. She has posed on covers of fashion magazines and Forbes has called her the third most powerful woman in the world … in bed.

#9 Melody Mimi Miyagi – Mimi tried to parlay her pornographic success into the Nevada governor’s office back in 2004. Many of you might know Mimi from such classics as Deep Throat 6 and China Vagina.

#8 Helena Guergis – Canada’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Helena is using her hotness to serve the greater good. She almost makes Canada seem like a cool place … almost.

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