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How To: Do The Finger Test to Check the Doneness of Your Meat

Calm down, I meant like steak meat. Although I’m sure you can find our how-to on handling your Meat-Flute appropriate for that.

Anyway, there have been times when I’m making a nice juicy prime rib steak and I don’t want to use a thermostat to puncture the steak. This guide is a huge help when trying to cook the steak to the perfect quality, while you’re at it check out our post on Everything you need to know about steak.

The Finger Test to Check the Doneness of Meat.

There are two basic methods to test for how done your meat is while you are cooking it – use a meat thermometer, or press on the meat with your finger tips. The problem with the meat thermometer approach is that when you poke a hole into the meat with a thermometer, it can let juices escape, juices that you would rather have stay in the meat. For this reason, most experienced cooks rely on a “finger test” method, especially on steaks (whole roasts are better tested with a thermometer).


Open the palm of your hand. Relax the hand. Take the index finger of your other hand and push on the fleshy area between the thumb and the base of the palm. Make sure your hand is relaxed. This is what raw meat feels like. (Check this out the next time you have a raw steak to cook.)

Now gently press the tip of your pinky and your thumb together. Again feel the fleshy area below the thumb. It should feel quite firm. This is what well done meat feels like when you press on it. (Check this out the next time you overcook a piece of meat.)

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