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Ghostbusters 3 is Being Penned by Current Writers of “The Office”

Uh-uh, that’s right: Ghostbusters 3 is definitely underway after years of hearsay, and the script is being handled by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, co-executive producers of the recent season of The Office.

If that wasn’t enough to bolster up your hopes of revisiting a sacred franchise with some level of dignity, it’s being rumored that Judd Apatow’s motley crew may find themselves in the film, doing who knows what.

This all sounds very entertaining, but the skeptic in me has been afraid of revivals and remakes for…well, as long as they’ve existed.

Aren’t we cannibalizing any real creativity by only green-lighting what’s already been done and done right decades earlier? A recent example of this would be Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, where after years of anticipation, landed with a “meh, I could’ve done without it” reception.

It’s a subject mulled over too many times to mention: remaking and revisiting movies, music and fashion has led to a dead-end of nostalgia, where only the instantly familiar gets a chance. I’m not talking about breaking down creative barriers, even–just give me a naturally conceived idea with zero pretense.

Some may disagree, but what happens when this never-ending trend finally catches up to the present day? Expect a neo-retro garage rock revival of Robocop: The Musical! in 2012, followed by its pre-sequel in 2013.

At least throw us a curveball, writers, and remake this Ghostbusters:

On second thought, please don’t.