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The “Flash Diet” Sounds Really Undelicious

Recent studies show that taking pictures of fatty food you crave will guilt you into losing weight. I guess that’s a better method than, you know, eating all the greasy slop you can wrap your fatty fingers around.

Yeah, that makes sense for all the obvious reasons. I’m scared shitless to see what I devour on a daily basis. Calorie counting is something you couldn’t pay me enough to do, unless the pay is one Baconator an hour.

From the Daily Mail:

A study has shown that slimmers who take photographs of their meals stick more carefully to their diet than others.

By having pictorial evidence of how they have been feeding themselves, dieters have a guilt trip about the quality and quantity of what they are eating. These photo diaries also make it easy to keep a tab on the number of calories consumed, scientists say.

Many food experts argue that food diaries  -  where daily consumption is recorded in a notebook  -  help to stop overeating and snacking.

They are thought to work by shaming the dieting diarist into eating less.

With that said, I’m gonna shame you into submission in 3…2…1…

Ah, the old classic: the Uncle Buck Pancake.

Just a gigantic Mozzarella stick to get the appetite going…nothing big.

Hungry Jack’s Quad Burger is quadralicious!!!!!!!!!

Mmmmmm…Donut Bacon Burger.

Do not order the Skip’s Scramble. (+20 points to anybody who knows the reference! Hot ding-dong, anybody? Hot ding-dong…)