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Distracted Much? You Need an Undistraction


It a well-known fact that surfing the Internet has little to do with scouring for info on your term paper or keeping up with the latest breakthroughs in your field–it’s all about being distracted, be it porn (an Internet classic) or Facebook or Google Chat or Google in it’s entirety or Digg or Stumbleupon or Buzzfeed…

(I won’t even hyperlink to the aforementioned sites, however great they are, for fear that I’ll contradict the entire point of this article.)

I’m distracted right now, ADD and the Internet be damned.

Face it: you’re wasting time right now, reading this. I’m glad you are, to a degree–my job depends on it, so keep those clicks coming–but what are you really supposed to be doing right now? Are you attempting to write an email and just got a Google Chat message from your slacker friend, something to the tune of “wat u doin”? You are getting distracted, that’s what you’re doing.

Put an end to your procrastinating ways (or at least stymie them enough to get the job done…I’m getting off track again) by using Undistraction, a website that acts as a voice of reason amongst all the time-wasting garbage online.

From Merlin Mann, the site’s creator:

I whipped up this (rather plain and inefficiently coded) page this morning, and stuck it into every tab set that I tend to abuse: as the first tab I see.

It’s not a new idea, it’s not particularly interesting or sophisticated, and it’s certainly not anything you couldn’t whip up for yourself (and better) in about 30 seconds. So, why share it?

Because, your brain needs a Dad. If this can help you, awesome. If your immediate reaction is to think, “Oooo…I know how I can add way more features like a social network and procrastination stats!” hang it up; you’re already screwed.

Catch the drifting as it happens, refocus, then repeat as necessary.

That’s it.

That’s it indeed: start using it or forever be caught in the Internet’s powerful and endless undertow. Use this in conjunction with NowDoThis, a nifty little “to-do” list website that relies on simplicity to get the job done, and you’re well on your way to actually getting some work done this week/month/year.