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Top 10 Badass Movie Shoot Outs

I’m a sucker for movies with lots of guns and lots of action. So the more the merrier as they say. So I’ve compiled a short list of awesome shoot outs in film, not in any order of course.

Equilibrium – The Final Scene
High-powered guns, swords, and martial arts are never a bad mix in my book. Christian Bale is one super bad ass in this flick.

The Professional – The Apartment Scene
Jean Reno, Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman in a movie that I will never get sick of watching.

The Matrix – Lobby Scene
“Backup, we need more backup”

Heat – Downtown Shootout Scene
So many good actors in this one I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Terminator – Police Station Scene
“I’ll be back.” To kick your ass of course.

Tombstone – OK Coral Shootout Scene
Doc Holiday was obviously pissed off by having some jackasses get him out of bed while he was sick.

Hot Fuzz – Big Shootout Scene
Of course this belongs on this list!

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The Untouchables – Train Station Scene

Taxi Driver- End Shootout Scene
This guy is the pure definition of hardcore.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Finale 3 way shootout scene
One of the greatest shootouts ever in film history I would say.