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The 10 Hottest Bikini Fight Videos

Two girls fighting is already awesome on general principle, but two girls fighting in bikinis is even better. It’s better for obvious reason, but the best part is that there’s a high probability that one of their boobs will fall out of their bikinis. So take a swig of vodka from that secret bottle in you desk drawer, take a Viagra and enjoy. Smoke some pot in the back alley are you’re done too.

#10 Amanda Bynes & Jamie-Lynn Discala Fight In Their Bikinis – And to think that we’re only ten years away from Amanda’s downward spiraling career and first topless scene.

#9 Bikini Pillow Fight – They all have fluffy pillows so it makes sense that they should fight with fluffy pillows.

#8 Italian Bikini Babes Fight – And who wouldn’t want to enjoy their breadsticks and bottomless salad bowls.

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