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Keira Augustinas Ass Is A Work Of Art

Wow. I really want to meet her in person one day so that I may be able to touch her ass. I’m sure these low res pics don’t give her ass any justice.

From Holy Taco:

Age: 22

Where you’ve seen her ass: Keyra Augustina’s ass has been a favorite web destination for a few years. Her ass has also been in Maxim and on the Howard Stern Show. And, a little known fact is that scientists have discovered that pi (Π), the string of never ending numbers representing the ratio of any circle’s circumference, actually does come to an end when you show it a picture of this ass.

Pointless quote that makes me very thankful for poor translators: “Perhaps many girls wanted to be in my perfect ass place but, the truth, I did not have plan for all this ass, was itself me of the hands. Many times I feel flattered, if someone likes pretty things why NOT tell of it? But it also cautions me, above all because I do not seek the fame or neither the money.”

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