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Keira Augustinas Ass on Video

After posting these pics earlier, I had to do a full ass investigation on her. Apparently, She is from Argentina although many don’t really know since she is completely mysterious. The name Keira Augustina could be her aliases which she uses to post on websites known as Supertangas and Foro Argentino de Amateurs. That’s all anyone really has heard of her.

Do I really care who she is? No. I do care about her ass though. Lets just say I drew a small crowd in the office of booty-connoisseur with these videos. Enough of my blabbering here are some flicks for you to drool over. I’m on my way to the gym just to get my ass to look like that.

Sir Mix-a-lot Ass romp

Keira Agustina 003


Keira Agustina 002

Future M.I.L.F.

Keira Agustina 004