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Lacking Ideas To Give The Loved One? Don’t Worry, We Got You Covered

I like giving gifts that kick ass and take no prisoners. Everyone wants a gift that they will remember for the rest of their lives or put them on the brink of it to say the least. If your loved one or friend craps in their pants, passes out or throws up uncontrollably during the course of receiving such a cool gift then you have done your job. No one cares about that stupid tie or gift card you got them for their last birthday. So we’re here to offer you some help in giving you some choices that will really make them love you more.

Here’s a few bad-ass gifts to give someone:

Fighter Pilot for a day

What the gift consists of:

You attend a full briefing covering formation flight, gun sight tracking, and aerial combat maneuvers, you will don your flight suit and board the Marchetti SF260, a current production, Italian-built fighter aircraft.

Once airborne, your instructor pilot will hand the controls over to you as you engage your enemy in actual combat! You get a digital video copy of the whole thing too. I hope I’m allowed to request a fly-by on the tower. It would only make this experience completely awesome.

Cost: $1395.00 for one person ($2790.00 for 2)

Duration: 2.5-3 hours with 1 hour of flight time.

Location: Varies

(requirements listed on the webpage)

Rally Driving Experience

What the gift consists of:

The majority of the day will be spent driving on either the skid pad or the slalom course practicing the techniques that allow drivers to slide through corners under control. We will also teach you an emergency avoidance maneuver that could save your life!

Finally you will get a chance to ride “at maximum attack” on real rally roads with a driving instructor at the wheel. You will get a chance to be in the car as the instructor demonstrates the exciting “Scandinavian flick” or pendulum turn. (If I throw in an extra Benjamin or 2 they should let me take a crack at the steering wheel for a bit.)

Cost: $585.00 and up depending on the amount of people and/or days

Duration: Full Day

Location: Boston

(more info located on the webpage)

More exciting gift packages for the daring at