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The 10 Coolest Superhero Cakes!

Who doesn’t love cake. How about superheroes and villains? How about either of the two as a cake?! Prepare yourself for some home made cakes that are pretty damn awesome in my opinion.

Bam! Kapow! has delivered another great find.


Someone spent a lot of time sculpting this Batman bust. Check out the cape folds. Never mind that he’s armless…that just means he won’t be able to defend himself when it’s time to serve slices…

Captain America’s Shield

Another intrepid cake maker crafted this replica Captain America shield. But, whatever you do, don’t try to defend yourself with it. Or for that matter, try to stop a bad guy by flinging it across the room. Resist the urge, as fun as that might be. Cap, stop looking at the cake like that.

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