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Hef-Stop: 11 Movies with a ‘Playboy’ Connection

I’ve always been a fan of Huge Hefner and his bunnies. Shit, I’ve always been a huge playboy fan. When there is a film with a Playboy Bunny in it I will always watch it, even if the movie is a huge pile of garbage like Scary Movie 4. Here are 2 of the 11 movies that Hef has let his bunnies be in.


John Huston’s film noir made a star out of Marilyn Monroe, who, just a couple of years after the movie’s release, would grace the cover of Playboy‘s first issue. The debut edition of Hugh Hefner‘s raunchy magazine for men also featured a pre-fame shot of the actress with ”nothing on but the radio” as Monroe herself joked about the nude pose. Playboy proved an instant success and Hefner himself would soon become an extremely wealthy man. Rich enough to ultimately purchase the burial plot next to Monroe’s.


The cult sexploitation movie — a tale of money, murder, and large-breasted women — was directed by cleavage-obsessed auteur and onetime glamour photographer Russ Meyer. The so-called ”King Leer” regularly shot for Playboy during the magazine’s early years and photographed his own wife, Eve, for the title’s June 1955 centerfold. Meyer believed that Hefner paved the way for his often hugely successful movies.

Film critic Roger Ebert, the director’s friend and collaborator, once noted that, Meyer ”felt that the success of Playboy had prepared the American market for an unabashed, high-quality skin flick.”

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