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We Get It Already: 14 Olympic Stories We’re Tired Of Hearing

This pretty much sums up some of the peeps I know, but it is the Olympics and it’s a big deal to most of us. Its only been a few weeks and some folks are getting real tired of the same stories.Take a look at the stories that have been over-publicized by every news media possible.

14.)  A UK Diver Is 14

Tom Daley from the United Kingdom is only 14 years old, and he’s an Olympian.  Hey, that’s pretty cool, we admit.  At age 14, most of us lived on a bean bag chair playing Playstation, downing Cheetos and rootbeer.  With that in mind, he’s not a gold medal diver.  He and his teammate choked hardcore in their competition and placed 8th.  But don’t worry, he was the most heavily discussed athlete in the entire competition.  We’re not saying he shouldn’t get any airtime, but maybe devote a few minutes to, oh let’s see, someone better at diving?

13.)  The Swim Cube Is Cool To Look At

The Beijing National Aquatics Center is its’ formal name,  and it’s covered with all sorts of cool fiber optic bubble shapes on the outside to give it the illusion that it’s actually made of water.  We’ve seen it from every angle.  Most of us haven’t been to China, but if we had to, we could successfully navigate our way out of the swim cube during a fire.  At this point, it seems like NBC will have split-screen coverage of the current event on the left of your screen and the stationary cube on the right.

12.)  Kerri Walsh Lost Her Wedding Ring

The video is pretty funny.  Kerri Walsh goes to block a spike, the ballhits her hand, and her wedding ring somehow flies off.  Luckily they caught it on tape so they had a general idea of where it landed, it was found, and Kerri Walsh had her ring back.  But it’s not that funny.  Every volleyball game since has mentioned the ring-loss event.  The commentators always make sure to mention how it’s “just one of those light moments you absolutely need in the Olympics to loosen up, and remember; Hey! life is funny somtimes.”

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