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How to: Turn Office Supplies Into Weapons in Times of Need.

What would you do if an epidemic of the Solanum virus were to break out and we were stuck at the office trying to survive against these newly formed zombies. Most of us are at the office just as much as we are at home. Unfortunately we can’t bring Zombie Repellents (read: Shotguns) to the office for such cases.

So we have to make due with what we have. What can we use that would render the same affect as a shotgun? Another type of gun, but like I said before no guns in the office. So we’re going to go the office supply route here. Binder clips. Oh yeah. It’s MacGuyver time peeps.

Below is an example of our favorite office supplies- binder clips, turned into office weapons.

Take a few binder clips of varying sizes, turn them upside down, and clip the smaller binder clips inside the larger clips.

It should look like this when the larger binder clips have clipped the smaller ones.

Remove all the binder clip handles.

Add another 2 larger binder clips on top of the smaller edge with a rubber band in between.

To finish making the quick and easy Zombie Killer click here