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Revenge Gone Wild!

We all have fantasies of getting even with people who annoy us…but we seldom actually go through with them. Here are some examples of what could happen if we did.


Background: In early 2002, New Zealander James Storrie called New Zealand Telecom Corporation to complain that his cell phone had been disconnected. When the representative informed him that the phone had been reported stolen, Storrie insisted that he still had the phone and that he had not reported its theft. The mistake was cleared up, but the representative (identity unknown) was apparently offended by Storrie’s attitude.

Revenge Gone Wild! When Storrie received his next phone bill, he found that he’d been charged an extra $140. What for? The explanation was printed right on the bill: “penalty for being an arrogant bastard.” N.Z. Telecom apologized profusely, offered Storrie some undisclosed financial compensation, and promised to investigate the vengeful billing.


Background: One evening in June 2003, Wayne and Darlene Keller of Corona, California, took their two children to a Sizzler’s restaurant. Mrs. Keller requested vegetables with her dinner, instead of potatoes. According to the family, the waiter, Jonathan Voeltner, rudely told her that she had to choose between French fries or baked potato. “When I told him my wife can’t eat potatoes,” Said Mr. Keller, “he brought back a really small salad, practically threw it at her, and told her to go get the dressing herself.” After the meal, the Kellers left – and they didn’t leave a tip.

Revenge Gone Wild! Voeltner had his girlfriend follow the Kellers home to get their address. When he got off work, he, his girlfriend, and his brother went to the Keller home, waited until 1 a.m., and then doused their house, yard, and mailbox with a gallon of maple syrup, smashed eggs, toilet paper, duct tape, and plastic wrap. They might have gotten away with it, but in a state of heightened stupidity, Voeltner rang the doorbell. Then he hid in the bushes and waited to see their reaction. Their reaction: They called the police.

Officers found Voeltner in the bushes and his co-conspirators in a nearby car. When they presented the suspects to the Kellers, Mrs. Keller said, “Oh my God! It’s the waiter from the restaurant!” They were all charged with vandalism, with Voeltner receiving an extra charge of child endangerment because his girlfriend was a minor. He was also fired by Sizzler’s. “The company doesn’t allow this sort of thing,” the manager said.

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