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7 People to Avoid Like Hell in the Office

Oh yeah, you know you have them. Those Chatter boxes aka the Gossipers, Drama Queens, Ass-kissers and what nots. Which are you? Funny…I’m a mix of a Hypochondriac and a Serial dieter, so does that mean I should avoid myself like the plague? Oh hellz no!

7. The Boss’s Spy

The Boss’s Spy pretends to be one of you, joining in the gossip round the water-cooler and declaring his secret loathing for the organization. He laughs along with everyone else at your cartoons of the management team, even offering to enlarge them for the Christmas party. Then he goes straight to the boss to grass you all up.

Most likely to say:

“You’re planning to quit? And you’ve secretly been working to sabotage the company from within?” (whilst adjusting hidden mic)

Least likely to say:

“It’s not any of my business.”

“Sir, Stewart from compliance is banging your wife right on the Xerox machine, it’s quiet impressive how she’s able to shove the stolen pens up his ass”

6. The Serial Dieter

The Serial Dieter starts a new diet plan every Monday, telling everyone she’s really determined this time. She crunches on carrot sticks and celery through lunch. She suggests you might like to follow her low-carb (low-fat, high-fiber, GI, celebrity-endorsed) example, telling you that you could do with losing a few pounds. On Tuesday, you spot her scoffing a giant slab of chocolate cake in the corridor.

Most likely to say:

“There’s six hundred and twenty three calories in your sandwich!”

Least likely to say:

“I’ve lost three stone.”

“I’m pretending to read this book just to shield myself from that garlic-ass-to-mouth breath you have”

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