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10 Gadgets For Guys Who Hate To Cook (But Love to Eat)

Look around. You probably have soda cans, pizza boxes and take out containers lying all over the place. Come on man, just because you are a lazy bachelor doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little home cooking every once in awhile. So, with that in mind, check out the following list of gadgets. You too can eat like a king at homeā€”and save a little money while you are at it.


Say now, what’s that sizzlin’ on the skilllet? Why its delicious pancakes of course! And they come in a can! Indeed, a few sprays of this Batter Blaster and you are in for some fantastic phony flapjacks. Plus, Batter Blaster is organic, so you know it’s good and good for you. [Batter Blaster via Link]

What are pancakes without a side of bacon? You might as well feed it to the dog, I say. Not to worry though, one can of bacon holds up to 50 slices of salty, fatty goodness that the whole family will enjoy. So stock up and grab a case of 12 for $110. You and your cardiologist will be glad you did.

[MREdepot via Link]

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