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Top Ten Skimpiest Superheroine Costumes

A staple of all superhero movies is the scene of the hero suiting up–pulling on his mask and gloves, stepping into his boots, affixing his cape and buckling his utility belt. But for a lot of superheroines, instead of suiting up, they have to strip down to get ready for action.

From Mary Marvel to Wonder Woman, Power Girl to Storm, superwomen tend to have smaller, more revealing costumes than supermen. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. (And people wonder why there are so many more male superhero comics readers than female ones.)

10. The Savage She-Hulk

Not the She-Hulk we’ve come to know and love over the last, oh, 20 years or so, the one who would become a member of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers; the one who would come to be able to control her transformations and keep her sharp, lawyer’s mind even while all hulked-out. That She-Hulk has long ago taken to wearing a sort of one-piece bathing suit costume that fits her like a body glove. Form-fitting yes, but hardly skimpy enough to land a place on this list.

No, I’m talking about the Shulkie in her original appearances, in the late ’70s, 25-issue series The Savage She-Hulk (The one collected in the Essential Savage She-Hulk trade). This Shulkie was a lot more like her cousin Bruce Banner, whose gamma-irradiated blood, given to her in an emergency transfusion, was responsible for her turning into a female Hulk. Unable to control her metamorphous, Jen Walters would explode out of whatever outfit she happened to be wearing at the time, one that was several sizes too small.

Just as Banner always seemed to be wearing purple pants that tore at the knees when he hulked out, Jen was always wearing white tank tops, which tore along the sleeves, and hem the exact same way each time, giving her a plunging a neckline and just managing to cover most of her butt (presumably, whatever was underneath her rags was the first to be busted out of, but they never really got into that).

9. Supergirl

There have been at least half dozen Supergirls since Superman’s cousin from Krypton first appeared back in the Silver Age (her first appearance is collected in Showcase Presents: Superman Vol. 1). As time has progressed, her outfits have grown progressively skimpy: The first Supergirl looked like a bobbysoxer, with a knee length skirt. By the ’70s, she was rocking a miniskirt and a v-neck jersey. In the 90′s, it was a belly-exposing ringer t-shirt.

When Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner reintroduced a new version of her in Superman/Batman in the ’00s, she was wearing her tiniest outfit ever. She retained the midriff-baring top, and her skirt had shrunk to a micro-mini, smaller than Batman’s utility belt (Seeing as how she flies around in that tiny skirt, high above the heads and telephoto lenses of the paparazzi, one imagines the Internet in the DC Universe is loaded with up-skirt shots of the Girl of Steel).

Ironically, though she has one of the smaller costumes in the DC Universe this side of Starfire, she also has the biggest, longest cape. You think her prudish cousin would make her dress a little more conservatively, and cut a few inches off that cape to add to her skirt.

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