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Swedish Wrestler Ara Abrahamian Throws a Hissy Fit, Tosses Bronze Medal

Waah, waah! I don’t wanna bronze medal! I wanna gold one or nothing! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought representing your country in the Olympics and winning any medal at all was something to be proud of.

Well, according to Ara IDontWannaBronzebian, it’s not:

Look bro, I understand: third place is the second loser, or something. Nobody goes to the Olympics to lose. Telling people you’re a Bronze medalist doesn’t ring as well as saying you’re an 11-time Gold medalist. Life isn’t fair. I get it.

Still, don’t be a douche on national television and literally toss your medal to the floor and storm off. Has Guam ever won an Olympic medal in Wrestling? Has Guam ever won an Olympic medal in anything? Think about Guam next time you pull a Kanye “I Better Be The Best” West crybaby stunt, LOSER.