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The 64 Manliest Movies To Date

This list compiles movies with men doing manly things like crushing skulls, pillaging cities, slaying beasts, conquering women and saving the world.

We took a look at manly movies a bit differently than some other people out there and awarded man-points to movies with sex scenes, bloody action and intellectual prowess. Some determining factors that could lower a movie are excessive man parts on camera, cheesy storylines, sappy romance and lack of female nudity. Together this list features the 64 of the manliest movies ever produced.

64. The Usual Suspects

Why It’s On The List:
Spacey mentally thrashes the police by creating a bullsh*t story that only a man could pull off. A mental beatdown of epic proportions.

Memorable Man Quote:
Verbal: The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

63. Blazing Saddles

Why It’s On The List:
It had the balls to mock every stereotype out there, including the Irish. The humor can only be enjoyed by males .. ie farting.

Memorable Man Quote:
Olson Johnson: What are we made of? Our fathers came across the prairies… fought Indians… fought drought, fought locusts, fought Dix… remember when Richard Dix tried to take over this town? Well we didn’t give up then… and by God, we’re not gonna give up now!

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