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Our Favorite 25 TV Bosses (And What We Learn From Them)

If you think your boss is tough, wait ’till you see these guys!

The scripted, non-reality TV show may be a dying breed, but shows from the past and present provide us with many memorable bosses and leaders. The following are some of the most unforgettable TV bosses, along with what made them so great (or not so great).

Not all of them are role models–in fact, many of them are good examples because they tell us precisely what not to do.

1) Mr. Montgomery Burns

The quintessential “evil capitalist” boss, Mr. Burns is best known for pursuing money at the expensive of safety, public opinion, and the well-being of his employees.

As Springfield’s richest citizen (Forbes estimated his net worth at $16.8 billion during one episode), Mr. Burns runs the town power plant with an fist and embodies many corporate America stereotypes, such as forgetting the names of employees, surrounding himself with sycophants (Smithers) and stopping at nothing to increase his own net worth.

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