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Here’s One Marc Jacobs Item We Bet You Don’t Have

It’s amazing what a label whore will buy these days, that includes guys too. It use to be just a wallet, purse, shoes and what not. Now it’s all about designer condoms. Maybe using a Marc Jacobs condom will help you get laid more often. Maybe. It definitely will make your junk look fashionable.

We’ve been accused of being a wee bit prone to wearing anything with labels. Hey, it’s not our fault! Blame our job. On any given day we can count two or three designers from head-to-toe-to-bag. Pretty awful, we know. But even we have to draw the line at some things, though they may come with a Marc Jacobs label. Yes, we’re talking about an MJ condom. Available on eBay, it’s blue, made of rubber, and “100% authentic!” Well, we should hope there isn’t a market for counterfeit designer condoms, but you never can tell. And should your willy need to be decked out in such a high-end fashion, it’ll only cost you $1.99. Plus, it comes with a very special message from our favorite man himself: “REMEMBER, SAFETY FIRST! XXOO, MARC JACOBS.” The auction ends on August 11., so get those bids in! Though if you win it, you may be accused of being a label whore (not that we’re judging). —Amina Akhtar

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