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The Seven Cigarette Smokers

Alright man, we get it, you’re a smoking fiend, but do you really need to smoke so much that you have to light your new cigarette with the one you’re currently smoking? Maybe you should eat some food or something. You really don’t look well. When was the last time you had a bran muffin? How about some yogurt? What you’re doing is just the epitome of addiction and you’re giving all those casual smokers a bad name.

In the world of cigarettes you’re either classified as a smoker or a non-smoker; there is no gray area. You can’t be on the fence and just have a cigarette from time to time, so either GO HARD or GO HOME! Next time some schlub wants “a drag of your bogue” when he has a couple beers in him, don’t hesitate to tell him to go f*ck himself. The least he could do is offer the standard dollar.

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