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If You Think Porta-Potties are Shitboxes, Get a Load of this…Shitbox

A Glastonbury-based company known as the Brown Corporation (hardy har) is selling a cardboard box that doubles as a toilet…that you crap into.

Sure, the Shitbox is stylish — and it’s sturdy enough for repeat uses — but there is no way I’m gonna strap a thrice-used leaky crap-pack to my back and waltz around Burning Man while tripping off LSD-25 like everything is normal. It isn’t normal, and it isn’t happening. Ever. I’d rather crap myself, which has happened far too often to joke about. (Maybe I do need this?)

Nice packaging, though — it’s too bad the concept is shittier than this pun.

Now, would I store a CakeFart in a Shitbox? You bet your crummy ass I would.