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The Dark Knight Curse is Real

Morgan Freeman‘s unfortunate car accident has lead to talk of a “Dark Knight curse,” a terrible hex which is responsible for the bad things happening to the cast of the Batman movie. Heath Ledger, you’ll remember, overdosed. A technician was killed during filming. Christian Bale got shovey with his mom. And then poor Morgan. It’s enough to make you wonder.

Some scoff at the idea that there’s a voodoo jinx hanging over the heads of the Dark Knight team—particularly because people have car wrecks and OD all the time and, really, who doesn’t want to smack his mom every now and again, especially when she’s asking for another handout?—a quick perusal of the cast list shows that not only is there a curse, it’s far worse than we knew. Which other players are standing under the dark cloud of the Dark Knight? We’ve assembled a list of the victims and their afflictions.

Check out the Dark Knight curse victim list here.