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How to Pick up Chicks at Karaoke

Whether you’ve got perfect pitch or are tone-deaf, karaoke can be a great place to meet women, at least according to Raina Lee, the author of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot: The Ultimate Guide to Karaoke Domination.”

“Karaoke is an awesome place to hook up because people are outside of their element,” she says. “I know someone who dated this 33 year old virgin/ computer science PhD dork because he did a spot-on ‘Welcome To The Jungle.’ Karaoke can get you laid.”

The amateur songstress was nice enough to share her tips for impressing the ladies next time you stumble into a karaoke night.

Pick the unexpected. “I saw a guy bring down the house with ‘Hava Negila’ in Chinatown. Even though most of the bar was Chinese, he had everyone clapping and foot-stomping like it was a bar mitzvah. Pick something no normal guy would sing and sing it well. The ladies won’t forget you, and it’ll give them a good excuse to talk to you.”

Ask ladies to duets with you. “Ballads like ‘Precious Love’ by Marvin and Tammi or ‘Always’ by Atlantic Starr never fail. Duets are guaranteed face-time with ladies. But don’t sing with two on one night. You don’t want to be known as the male karaoke slut.”

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