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10 Things You Don’t Know About Women: Kim Cattrall

Esquire is another “Mens” magazine I have come to read quite frequently and admire. They know their stuff. If you have a hard time as a female understanding the male gender then I suggest you read this magazine. If you’re a guy and you have a hard time understanding your own gender, well then, you need more help than I can offer. But lets get you started anyways. In this issue Kim Cattrall gives you 10 things about women you didn’t know before. This is a must read since we all know most women usually don’t give tidbits like this up.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Women

1. Women are interested in A-list things: A designers, A vacations, A orgasms.

2. Wait, let me rephrase that so there’s no confusion: multiple orgasms.

3. We want you to be true to yourselves. And to us. And not necessarily in that order.

4. No man should ever purchase anything called Follicare. If you’re going bald, then go bald and try to be proud.

5. The secret to getting out of trouble with your girlfriend is being funny. A funny man can be forgiven for anything. (Exceptions: cheating and comb-overs.)

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