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Want a doll-sized replica of yourself?

This is pretty creepy not to post. I mean if I ever went to someones home and saw this, I would run the hell out of there. Why would you recreate yourself as a doll? Some people are just strange like that I guess. I wonder if “Nic The Emo” doll comes with it’s very own razor blade and My Chemical Romance album or if “Kelley The Trend Seeker” comes a Mac notebook or professional camera and a Starbucks venti Mocha Latte.

Have you ever wanted to have a Mini-Me? How about immortalizing yourself in a doll? Or a loved one – your parent, your child? Your doll will be one of a kind, just like you are! Each doll head is hand sculpted from photos by Doll Artist, Cyndi Safstrom. The head is then sculpted onto a vinyl doll or action figure, and dressed in the clothing of your choice.