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Top 5 Super Hero Day Jobs

One of the most relatable aspects of a super hero that fans identify with is their alter-ego day job. In most cases, our favorite heroes have jobs just like the rest of us. From pilots, teachers, soldiers, and cops to industrialists, lawyers, and politicians, super heroes come from all walks of professional lifeā€¦ and no, we don’t consider royalty a day job. It’s one thing to hold down a day job, but it’s another story altogether to moonlight as a crime fighter at night, especially when you’re putting your life on the line “pro bono”. Still, like the rest of us, almost everyone in the super hero universe has a job to do, average or not.

Here’s a look at our Top 5 Super Hero Day Jobs:


It’s funny how lawyers take so much heat in real life but some of the most popular super heroes of all time practice law for a living. Arguably the most popular and respected of all super hero lawyers is Daredevil as blind attorney Matt Murdock who fights for justice in two distinctly different manners. Lawyer by day, masked crime fighting vigilante by night, Murdock is a positive poster boy for the legal profession. There’s no doubt that some of today’s most prolific lawyers were inspired by the Daredevil comics in their early years. On the female side of the fence, She-Hulk alter ego, Jennifer Walters, has been one of the most influential lawyers in the entire super hero universe, having been enlisted by several super names to server as their legal council while working for Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. Once hired by billionaire industrialist Tony Stark as defense council, Walters went on to file suit against Iron Man in a different world and once even served legal papers to Peter Parker (Spider-Man). She’s been one of the busiest lawyers in super hero history. Also, other notable super hero lawyers include Manhunter’s Karen Spencer and Helena Wayne in the Earth 2 series as the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. At one point, Green Lantern Guy Gardner even defended Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

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