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The 50 Worst Sex Scenes in Cinema

Lets get one with the show shall we? Here’s the latest from IFC & Nerve.

50. Crank (2006)

Public sex is hot. Amy Smart is hot. Potential death is hot. Jason Statham is . . . well, Jason Statham is Jason Statham. Bottom line though is that this scene from Crank, in which Jason Statham has public sex with Amy Smart to keep from dying (long story) should by all rights be delectably hot. Well, it ain’t. In fact, it’s disconcertingly rape-esque and at the very least, kind of embarrassing. — Peter Smith

28. Taking Lives (2004)

This scene wouldn’t be so bad if not for the what’s-with-the-foot factor. Ethan Hawke breaks some glassware and puts Angelina Jolie on a table. Then she places her foot against the wall for balance, and we’re treated two not one, but two asides where the camera swings over to focus on her foot, as if this were an educational video about levers and pulleys and inclined planes. — Will Doig

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