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Listening Post’s Top 10 Hottest Music Sites

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Change is the only constant in the music business, and that goes double for the digital music business. Nonetheless, we’ve assembled a list of the 10 hottest digital music websites in the world.


You may have noticed that we use imeem’s music-embedding feature quite a bit when covering music onĀ the Listening Post blog. This is not because we have some sort of business deal in place with them; imeem is simply the best option we’ve found for embedding music without worrying about getting permission from a label. In most cases, we’re able to find a full song or two to embed from their catalog.

Our only quibble with this system is that they only allow 30 seconds of certain songs to be embedded, and there’s no way to tell until you preview the post.

There’s a lot more to imeem than just their blog strategy, of course, which is so powerful in part due to the company’s deals with all four major labels for free, on-demand music. The site also includes social networking features, videos and loads of free music. And even songs that can only be embedded as a 30-second version stream in their entirety if you play them while you’re signed in to imeem.

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