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Ladies: Are you dating a douchebag? 50 Questions to ask yourself.

We have all encountered a douchebag from time to time. You know…The popped-collar, blinged out diamond earrings, take you out on weekdays only, “I’m going to talk dirty to you all the time”, ego-tastic type of guy. That’s one of the many types of douchebags you’ll find here and there. Maybe this list will help you sort them out from the good guys.

  • Do you communicate solely through Facebook and/or text messaging?
  • Do you “pop your collar”?
  • Do you have a “wingman”?
  • Do you have a “quirky” younger brother who may one day make sexually inappropriate advances?
  • Would you ask me for a ride when you’re going to meet other people and not invite me along?
  • Do you talk to other girls just to make the girl you’re dating jealous?
  • Do you only text girls after 11 pm?
  • Is your nickname a description of your penis?
  • Does your mom still buy your underwear and/or do your laundry?
  • Are you going to make a lewd comment about “what you want to eat” (and I’m not talking about food) during dinner?

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