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3G iPhone jailbroken within a week

The first iPhone firmware needed over two months to be jailbroken, the second and third were done in a matter of days, and later versions within a few weeks.

This time hackers are getting a head start with the iPhone 2.0 beta firmware released along with the SDK.

While the need to jailbreak an iPhone may be lessened by the appearance of the App Store, there still will be plenty of programs that will not want to follow Apple’s rules to qualify for the store.  Also, of course, demand for using the iPhone on other networks will only increase with a new, cheaper iPhone.

In order for this bet to be judged favorably, the iPhone 2.0 firmware must be fully jailbroken.  That is, a jailbroken 3G iPhone should be able to have non-Apple approved applications and use other carriers besides AT&T.  It must happen within one week, from the July 11th store availability through July 18th.

Judgment will occur after the week has expired, or earlier if the event occurs and is confirmed in the main stream media.