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Twelve Reasons a Movie Should Never be a First Date

As I was reviewing some movies to see this evening I came across this article on Filmwad. I couldn’t agree more on what the article stated. It was all so true. So, gentlemen, when taking out your new “lady friend” make sure to read this article first. For Example, let’s take listed reason number 2:

2. It’s obvious

Women hate cliches, and considering the actual idea of a “date” is quickly being phased out in favor of drunken, passion-fueled hookups at substance-filled parties, maintaining originality is priority one. The “dinner and a movie” date is literally as old as movies themselves. Why would you want to choose the most standard, boring date possibility in the history of date possibilities? Why not bring her a heart-shaped box of chocolates and some flowers, while you’re at it?

That’s right it’s a cliche. Women want you to be original. So read on for more reasons why its a bad idea to watch a movie on a first date. You can thank Filmwad later.