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Ten Marvel Characters Who Need their Own Movies

BamKapow is probably my favorite site about comic book related stuff. Since there are rumors about more Marvel related movies this definitely caught my attention. I would love to see these movies come out in the theaters.  Here’s one example of their listed comic characters:


Comic movies, Iron Man notwithstanding, tend to be too goddamned serious. Often times, this can be a great thing (Batman Begins), but others it can just be pathetic and kind of sad (Ghost Rider). A Deadpool movie would be the answer to all that: he’s a mercenary who seems to know he’s in a comic book, who doesn’t fight for good or evil or any personal morals; he’s just a douchebag with superpowers who’s out to protect himself. The comic movie world could use a bit of levity, and Deadpool’s fourth-wall-breaking antics just might make him the man for the job.