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Advanced Masterbation Class 101

Everyone needs help once in a while. No one likes to hear: “Your Doin It Wrong!”  We’re here to help you out, of course. If you think you knew everything about masturbation then it’s time for you to go back to class, young man. offers all the advice on different techniques for you for free! They give you the low down on proper lubrication, slang terminology, myths, videos, pics and whatnots. They’re also going to include a section for your lady friend. Maybe you should check back in later and read up on that section to impress her with the smooth new moves you’ve just acquired.

Here’s just a tidbit of what to expect:

The Masturbating “Word”

In the various English speaking regions of the world, masturbating has different synonyms. This website’s editors will always use the term “masturbating” because this is the clinically correct term. But we want to conduct a study of different slang synonym terms used. Some examples of regional Slang Synonyms are the following words and phrases:

•    Wanking
•    Masterbation
•    Jilling  (f)
•    Fingering
•    Jacking off
•    Jackin
•    Masterbating
•    Whacking off
•    Jerking off
•    Beating off
•    Handjob
•    Mastrubation