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The 5 Creepiest Advertising Techniques of the (Near) Future

Cracked always seems to come up with the best lists ever in my opinion. Their wise cracks and heavy sarcasm always seem to amuse me to no end. Here is their recent list to day.  Here’s number 5 on the creepiest advertising techniques of the near future to get you started.

You’ll be exposed to around 6,000 marketing messages today, according to researchers. You’re looking at a few right now. Glance away from your computer and you’ll see another one–a label on a bottle, a logo on a t-shirt, a billboard outside the window.

But as pervasive as it is now, marketers are working hard behind the scenes to make sure it’s much, much worse in the future. Doing things like …

#5.  Tracking Every Site You Browse and Every Show You Watch

Market research used to be pretty simple. You’d just put the new hamburger in front of a group of people and had them fill out a survey asking if they liked it, didn’t like it and what degree of diarrhea it gave them. The problem of course was nobody told the truth on those things. For instance, they’ll fill out surveys saying they want healthier food on the menu, then will continue to buy the Baconator.

So how’s a poor market researcher supposed to get a straight answer out of you? Easy: Just collect the data of your personal habits without you ever knowing. It’s kind of like the dude who sneaks around outside your wife’s window at night, only they’re peering in through your computer or TV screen instead, and hopefully there’s less masturbating.