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Best Places To Have Sex has finally added their top 31 places to have sex. They have provided some great locations to have sex at. All you have to do is provide the babe, or babes, and do your best. Just don’t get caught. Unless you like that sort of thing. Here are just a few spots listed that I thought were great plus it had a slight chance of getting caught.

  • Beach
    She’ll be bowled over by the time you’re finished on Boulders Beach. Go and discover the many little hideaways on this secluded spot just a few minutes walk from the quaint naval village of Simonstown, Cape Town.  ( Editor’s Comments: This might be a bit trickier around my parts actually since the beaches here are usually packed with tourists and locals, but I’m sure you’ll be clever enough to pull it off.)
  • Limousine
    Cruise around town and cause a commotion both inside and out with the eight-seater limo from SA Limousines. This all-time classic comes with free champagne, CD player, full-leather upholstery and red carpet treatment. Prices vary with length of time. Call (011) 882 2046. ( Editor’s Comments: This sounds exciting actually, I would suggest getting one of those SUV limos so that you can try different positions and areas. Just be careful with those door handles, you might do something you didn’t want to do in the first place.)
  • At work
    Working late has never been so appealing! After everyone’s buggered off for the day, sneak your partner up the fire stairs and indulge in some hot and sweaty overtime (worth noting: ergonomic chairs have some very interesting uses). If you’re really daring, try out the boss’s desk. But watch out for security cameras – unless you’re into that sort of thing. ( Editor’s Comments: Work would probably be the ultimate spot in my opinion. There is a high risk of getting caught and getting fired if you do so that makes it even more exciting and kinkier.)