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How To Make Your Girlfriend Lose Weight

So what happens if your chickie has gained a little weight recently? Instead of giving her a gym pass, make her pay money to have sex with you. Yup. You read correctly. Apparently, this guy decided that the best way to motivate his girlfriend of two years was to make her pay for sex that he would have with her. She struggled with the idea of it, but ended up paying her boyfriend instead. She felt so bad about it that she seeked an audience on This site is a place where you state your case, give them an email where a defense attorney can contact you, and “jurors” of the website comment on it letting you know if you have a case to begin with. The whole thing sounded ridiculous to me until the guy who she was dating decided to post his own comment in defense of himself. I really didn’t think she paid him much until I read his comment which goes:

The $20 thing was a kind of joke, but I was trying to do what I could to make her lose weight – it is not healthy for her or for our relationship. I might have been over the line a little with some of my comments, but that does not mean I need “professional help”. If this really is a fair court of public opinion, I think people will say SHE is the one who needs to get some help on the weight problem. I will gladly give her back the $800 if she uses it for a diet plan.

Ouch. By the way, Mr. Layer Cake, if you really cared about your girlfriend you would have never cared about her weight, but you should care about how dumb she is for paying you.