Cash Money

money box gift

Okay people…. It’s that time where all your friends are graduating from college and are getting ready to venture out into the real world! Yes, it sucks, no more all night benders with hot horny college girls looking for a little action. You are now subject to the working world. That consists of shitty nights during the week where parties are blown off becuase you have to be up at 6:00am to drive an hour to work.  That is, unless you are like me and prefer to sit online and stare at hot girls, and stupid, random shit all day long!  But for those of you that have friends graduating, skip the trip to the mall and give’em a gift money box.  Save that money you were gonna waste on the cheesy gift certificate and throw your buddy some cash creatively! This way they know at least one month of their porn is paid for too! :-P   Click here for directions on how to put the pox together.