Babes, Sexy

Sweet Baby Knickers!

So I was browsing some sites today to buy some sexy underwear and I came across this site today called Not only do they have some really sexy lingerie but they model them for you. I know what you’re thinking too. This isn’t just some boring panties e-commerce site. This site is total hotness. As you check out the site you select the model you want, who are hot by the way, then choose the piece you want them to wear. So far my fav thong is the Ra Ra Skirt Thong with the long haired brunette modeling it. The model then walks out in the selected piece and you can choose to turn her around, walk away or move up for a closer look. I think we all need a closer look at these babes! Anyways check it out. Too bad they don’t send the model’s with the undies.