Imperial Abuse?

June 3rd ,long long ago in a galaxy far far away! -
Allegedly, reports about Storm Trooper abuse was being questioned in the Imperial Senate. The Imperial Storm Troopers were said to have brutally beaten and injured several in attempts to keep the peace on the planet of Coruscant’s slum sector.
This is just appalling that the citizens would ever think that we would do anything to harm them… I mean this IS the first galatic empire we are talking about here.” Said an Quarin Zanta, age 36 Storm Trooper, in our interview. How ever another unnamed trooper reportedly said in tears “I don’t know man… I mean when I signed up there was all this talk about upholding the law and bringing peace… (sniff sniff)… This is just *exploited deleted, exploited deleted*… Maybe the rebels aren’t all that bad ya know? I mean that one dude that got all tazed for like no reason… I mean what the F bro!“.

The story seems to be stirring up some controversy and to make matters worse there was footage submitted anonymously by the internet person r3b3l1!1. Crazy kids? Or perhaps a little more… You watch this video and be the judge!